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Classroom Set Up 01: Bulletin Boards and Banners

When I took the job in North Carolina last summer, I literally drove down Sunday and started inservices on Monday, so I didn’t have a lot of time to set up and decorate my room.  I also didn’t have a lot of money (though that really hasn’t changed), so I didn’t have a lot to work with.

Thankfully this year I had all summer to plan, and I am SO PLEASED with the final product.  As I have worked to arrange and decorate my room the last few weeks, I have spent a lot of time incorporating classroom management and instructional techniques into my design.  I’ll be sharing with you what I have done over the next few blog posts…


Ms. Over-Achiever


The girls I worked with last year in Charlotte had some great decorating ideas that I was able to utilize this year.  One of those ideas is the use of fabric to decorate bulletin boards.  First, it is just ADORABLE — you can get it in so many designs and colors.  It also looks very sharp — you don’t get the wrinkles, tears, etc. that you end up with when you use large butcher paper.  Finally, although the upfront cost is higher than that free paper, it is WAY more durable and you can use it for years.  I am even hoping next spring I can get away with simply covering all my boards with butcher paper (to prevent fading), so I won’t have to spend the extra time recovering them all in the fall.

While I wanted a cohesive look in my classroom this fall, I also did not want to limit myself to a specific theme.  I decided to choose a color scheme, and inspired by a cute trim I found in the closet, I went with blue and brown.  It actually worked out really well because all the wood in the classroom is brown anyway.

Here is the fabric and trim I ended up with:


IMG_3064Next year, I think I will put the blue polka-dot all the way around the brown board (directly above) and the flags all the way around the blue board (the very first picture above) to enhance that contrast, but I don’t feel like redoing it all at this point.



IMG_3062I have since decided that this fabric is a little too busy for my bulletin board, but again, I have run out of time and am not redoing it at the moment.  I plan to use this fabric to make some pillow covers for my “Cozy Corner” section of the room when I do tear the board down, and I have some simpler light blue and dark brown fabrics that I will put up in its place.  In the meantime, though, I plan to put some sort of student work on this board.

In addition to covering the boards with fabric, I am in the process of making some dangling streamers from embroidery hoops and strips of fabric.  I’ll definitely get some pictures of those up soon.

Finally, I made a banner from double-sided scrapbook paper and baker’s twine that I have hung around the “Ms. Fuhrman’s Corner” of the room.








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