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Scientific Inquiry Skills

The first unit my students in both 5th and 6th grades are learning is the scientific method — specifically, how do we use scientific inquiry to solve problems?  To start the year off, I wanted to expose my students to some “scientific inquiry skills” that they are probably already pretty familiar with — and to identify those as tools scientists use.   Instead of reading about these skills in books, though, I created a series of mostly hands-on stations that asked students to use those very skills!

Station One: Observation

1Station Two: Classify/Order



2Station Three: Compare

IMG_3416   IMG_3457



Station Four: Predict


Students worked from this worksheet, Growing Seeds Prediction Worksheet, for this station.  I also set up a Solution Station at our Knowledge Bank where students could check their predictions!

Station Five: Measure

Students had a chance to try out these scientific tools at Station Five.


Station Six: Interpret Data


Students visited BBC’s Schools site to complete this math activity: Interpreting Data.



Station Seven: Infer

Students completed a few inference worksheets for this station.  This one wasn’t so exciting…


 Observation or Inference?

If you’d like to use any or all of this activity, you can get the packet here (Word and PDF files):

Inquiry Station Rotation Packet  Inquiry Station Rotation Packet