Classroom Instruction

Check out some of the activities my students have engaged in over the course of the year.

Science Memory Books – To wrap up the year and send students off with a 5th grade keepsake, students document their favorite memory from science class and compile their writing into a classroom book.

The Story of A Rock – In the final assessment for our earth science unit, students tie the several topics we have studied together into a fictional story about a rock as it makes its way through the rock cycle.

Simulating An Oil Spill Clean Up – Students design devices to stop the spread of and clean up the mess from a simulated oil spill.

Simulating Surface Mining with Chocolate Chip Cookies – Students simulate surface mining by digging for chocolate “coal” chips.  They attempt reclamation and assess the impacts of mining on an ecosystem.

Star Lab: A Myth Making Activity – Students create their own myths for familiar constellations.

Teaching Plate Tectonics with Oreos – Students model the movement of Earth’s plates over the asthenosphere with this Oreo cookie activity.

Watershed Monitoring with Allegheny College Creek Connections – Students worked with Allegheny College’s Creek Connections program to conduct biological, chemical, and physical assessments of Cascade Creek.

Scientific Inquiry Skills – Students practice scientific inquiry skills as they move through several classroom stations.



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